Innovation and the Rust Belt

A favorite Erie-focused blog of mine, Global Erie, had a post last week about the importance of encouraging innovation.

Blogger Peter Panepento isn’t the first person to make this observation about our region. Several years ago, The (Toledo) Blade wrote a three-part series, Business As Usual, that built on the work of two Cleveland-based Federal Reserve economists that linked a state’s economy to patents per-capita. In other words- the more creativity and innovation, the better off a state will be.

(The second strongest predictor of economic success, the Fed study found is, not surprisingly, the percent of high school and college graduates in a state.)

I’ve often said I believe our cities, despite their many problems (or maybe because of them), are very good innovators and problem-solvers – think of land banking in Flint, Michigan; housing for artists in Braddock, Pennsylvania; urban farms in Detroit, shrinking the city in Youngstown, I could go on.

I’m going to pose the same question Peter Panepento asked Global Erie readers: are we doing enough to cultivate new ideas? What more should our states and cities be doing?



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3 responses to “Innovation and the Rust Belt

  1. Mike Madison (Pittsblog) suggests building an entrepreneurship commons:

    Bloggers have done a great job cultivating an idea commons. The Rust Belt is succeeding in creating more than enough new ideas. The problem is putting them into practice.

    An entrepreneurship commons might be the perfect umbrella for all those great ideas percolating in the blogosphere.

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