Dayton Loses 1,250 Jobs, Only Remaining Fortune 500 Company

Boy, this is so depressing, I can hardly bring myself to write it. Dayton’s sole remaining Fortune 500 company, which has been headquartered in the city for 125 years, is moving operations to Atlanta.

NCR, a manufacturer of ATM machines and cash registers, will bring some 2,000 jobs to Atlanta. The company was offered $60 million in tax breaks by the state of Georgia, The Dayton Daily News reports. Ohio attempted a counter offer of $31 million, to which CEO Bill Nuti responded “It pales in comparison to what Georgia is giving.” He also thanked Dayton for all its years of support.


This is all lifted from the DDN: The company was founded as the National Cash Register Co. in 1884. Founder John Patterson also started the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. At one time, NCR employed nearly 60,000 people in Ohio.

Boy, that is really going to sting.


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3 responses to “Dayton Loses 1,250 Jobs, Only Remaining Fortune 500 Company

  1. schmange

    I hate when a CEO thanks a place for its years of faithful service, then screws it over. -KG

  2. Paz

    That stings quite a bit.

    Interesting that international connectivity was one of the deciding factors. Not really sure how to rectify that.

  3. Dayton has an international airport which is easily accessible, so using international connectivity is a rather lame excuse.

    Fact is that Nuti never cared for Dayton, refused to move here- the first NCR CEO not to move. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time.

    Georgia’s fed stimulus money helped entice NCR to move. Creating jobs in one area, while taking away jobs from another area.

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