Three Days in Baltimore


I just got back from a great weekend in Charm City – also known as Baltimore, Maryland. As someone who is obsessed with The Wire, I had been wanting to check out the city for myself for quite some time – and I wasn’t disappointed (though I didn’t get to see Jimmy McNulty).

We started the weekend in our friend’s neighborhood, Mt. Vernon. The blocks around where our friend lives seem pretty nice, but only a few streets away, on the other side of a highway was a seriously underprivileged neighborhood of boarded-up rowhouses. It was strange to see the two areas juxtaposed so close to each other.

We had a dinner at an amazing Afghan restaurant.


On Friday, we walked around the Inner Harbor area (touristy, I know) and visited the National Aquarium.

Then we headed over to the Fell’s Point neighborhood. It was interesting to read about how this area was almost destroyed in the mid 1960s to make room for an eight-lane highway. This historic area is now considered one of the most beautiful spots in the city, chock full of shops and restaurants on brick-lined streets.

Gelato, a great mid-afternoon snack:


A Fell’s Point landmark- fans of the TV show Homicide will recognize this building:


We walked along the water, next to some expensive looking condos:




That night, we explored another neighborhood – Hampden, which is known as the setting of many a John Waters film. In an antique/ junk shop, I found some great old political buttons to add to my collection.

We also visited Atomic Books for a book signing for the newly-released Moon Handbooks Guide to Baltimore. The author, a former editor of Baltimore Magazine made a good point: most non-Baltimoreans know the city from one of two things, either the movie Hairspray, or The Wire. Both of these things are true, and certainly represent facets of Baltimore. But there’s much more to the city than that.

On Saturday, we went to the Museum of Industry.


We ended the night watching the O’s beat the Atlanta Braves at Camden Yards:


Before we left on Sunday morning, we shopped at the bustling Baltimore Farmers’ Market.

Things I didn’t get to do and will have to save for my next trip: the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, the Peabody Library, Little Italy, and more.


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  1. One of my all-time favorite cities in the world: Baltimore.

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