Why it’s Better to be a Homeowner in Pennsylvania than Ohio

If you own a home in Ohio, you’re almost four times more likely to undergo foreclosure than if you live in Pennsylvania.

That is the finding of a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, based on an analysis of foreclosure rates in Cuyahoga County verses Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County.

The report examined foreclosure rates in Greater Pittsburgh’s Braddock and Cleveland’s North Collinwood neighborhood, two areas with similar demographics as well as socioeconomic statistics.

Cleveland's Collinwood Neighborhood

Cleveland's Collinwood Neighborhood

They found that in 2007, North Collinwood was reeling under a 20.75 percent foreclosure rate while Braddock was staggering on at 5.2 percent.

Since the discrepancy can’t be accounted for by other indicators, the findings indicate that Pennsylvania’s mortgage regulations do a better job protecting homeowners.

Exactly how the two states regulatory frameworks differ, and which regulations are leading to better outcomes for Pennsylvanians, is unknown.

Both states have taken measures to shore-up consumer protections in light of the current crisis. Ohio recently enacted a six-month foreclosure memorandum. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, has mandated a single-sheet, easy-to-read chart that outlines mortgage features at a glance.

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