The Great Migration: One Woman’s Story


The Great Migration of African Americans from the rural, sharecropping South to big city factory work in the North was a huge transformation in our country’s history.

It is something people often forget about or aren’t very familiar with now, but its effects are still felt today in how we live and in how people view cities.

This story from Sunday’s Toledo Blade tells one 96-year-old woman’s story: from Greenville, Mississippi to Toledo, Ohio.



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2 responses to “The Great Migration: One Woman’s Story

  1. Loved this story! I hope I look as good at 96 and am still working in my garden. It is really interesting to read her personal story compared to Lehman’s book which was more background and political. I did not finish it (the book) but it certainly helps to put her story in context. Mark gets up on our roof to clean our gutters so I am making sure he reads this, too.

  2. hii very interesting story ;]

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