Detroit’s Mayor Bing Feeling the Heat

In honor of his 100th day in office, NPR ran a story yesterday on Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

The former NBA star is contesting with a $275 million deficit, a potential municipal strike, school and transportation systems that are tetering on collapse.


According to NPR some are questioning whether Bing, a political novice who replaced Kwame Kilpatrick, is up to the job.

Bing won a recent primary with 70 percent of the vote. But his opponent Tom Barrow, a C.P.A., says Bing is in over his head.

“He just doesn’t understand how municipal finance works; he doesn’t understand how city government functions and works; he’s having to be told things and [is] just clearly out of touch with Detroiters,” Barrow told NPR.


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2 responses to “Detroit’s Mayor Bing Feeling the Heat

  1. Special K

    It does sound like he is in over his head. In his defense, however, I think being Mayor of Detroit is probably one of the toughest jobs in America.

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