Rust Belt Roundup, 10/10-16

rust-belt-map1As the Rust Belt takes in hockey and football season, news of local troubles and successes beyond the rink and field keep percolating in the national media. What were the hot topics about our already-frosty region this week?

While MSNBC suggests that the Rust Belt has something against environmental protection, their sub-headline is more appropriate for understanding our attitudes: “It’s All About Jobs.”

Another month, another Forbes list pointing out the problems with Rust Belt cities. Ease up, guys!

Crain’s Detroit highlights some solid regionalism: Pittsburgh‘s mayor lends some advice to ailing cousin Detroit.

BusinessWeek lauded the efforts of Canton, Ohio’s Timken manufacturing company to diversify its steel output.

This one’s from the previous week, but we didn’t hear ’til now: the Newseum in Washington, DC will enshrine the Buffalo loving Tim Russert’s Bills-bedecked office in a new exhibit.

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