Job Losses in McKeesport

It’s always terrible to hear about people losing their jobs — but it seems even worse in a bad recession and in a place like McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, a call center that employed 600 – and had received considerable tax abatements from local governments – announced it would be shutting down.

You can read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s coverage, or the excellent post by McKeesport blogger Jason Togyer.

I think some (like Togyer) would say this situation shows the folly of expecting low-wage, easily outsourceable service jobs to replace the manufacturing jobs this community has lost.

I’ve been meaning for several weeks to write a post about McKeesport. I recently had a guided tour of the city from Togyer.

Like many Mon Vally communities, it suffers from a host of problems, but it also has a some promising aspects – some stable residential neighborhoods, and it’s home to innovative firm Blue roof Technologies, which helps create technology to allow elderly and disabled folks to live at home.


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