Missing Buffalo

Read here what one Buffalo woman misses after moving to Florida.



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3 responses to “Missing Buffalo

  1. schmange

    That was pretty. I also hate Florida. I would rather live in Buffalo.

  2. Special K

    I’d also take Buffalo over Florida any day.

  3. sherry

    oh oh oh i can totally agree with tina

    i am an east coast girl and moved to hell satx 9 yrs ago mold every wheres, heat enough to kill you ,seasons only in cooking, allergies there is so many,. where to begin water?? 3 hours down the road as the locals casually say i grew up by the water so this is hard for me especially when it is 100% and that is not including the humidity… say tina forgot to mention palmetto bugs for those who dont know what they are they are your worst nightmare come true inch to two an occasional 3 inch flying can not kill unless using a brick and love the a/c cock roaches and diversty none which means 4.00 dollar a pd corn beefs on st pattys i am irish this hurts no linquica grew up next door to little portugual and you can forget any other east coast yummies at least in satx so why did i move here i have to figure that out did i learn anything yes 1.that the nuns were right i went to catholic school and the sisters always said there was hell on earth yep right here in satx 2.that i miss the east coast so in 7 weeks i will be heading north ohio bound for good

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