How Developers and Lobbyists Shape Transportation Funding

Spend a few minutes looking at this report from The Center for Public Integrity.

The study details how unfocused policy can lead to lots of goodies for special interest groups, especially developers.

From the report: “Virtually all players agree there is no coordinated vision in setting priorities for federal transportation projects. That vacuum has led to a tidal wave of earmarks by Congress. Quite naturally real estate developers and other interests make great efforts to influence which projects get funded. As a group, more than 100 real estate development interests – including both firms and local authorities—spent roughly $5.5 million on federal transportation lobbying in 2009 for projects ranging from rail investments to new interstate exits, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of lobbying disclosure records.”


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One response to “How Developers and Lobbyists Shape Transportation Funding

  1. Kevin

    You know better than most how this played out in Avon, where property owners were among the strongest proponents of the interchange. The fact that they’re funding a large share of its costs (via direct contributions and a TIF) was one of its biggest selling points.

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