Abandoned Buildings: Ticking Time Bombs?

For the second time in months, an abandoned building has exploded in the city of Cleveland, injuring nearly one dozen people.

Yesterday, an abandoned convenience store on the city’s southeast side, exploded injuring 11 people. The force of the explosion, according to local media, could be felt for 2 miles.

In Janurary, a home exploded on the west side that damaged 55 homes and displaced 15 families. Police have since charged a neighbor with arson.


As a Cleveland resident, I have to say, this is a very concerning trend. I wonder, are other cities experiencing this? Will this help draw needed attention to the issue of vacant and abandoned property? How long before one of these becomes a real tragedy and a child is killed?



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2 responses to “Abandoned Buildings: Ticking Time Bombs?

  1. Tim


    What causes the explosions? Broken gas mains? Arson?

    Just discovered your blog on a recent visit to Detroit. Great stuff.


  2. schmange

    Well, originally they thought it was severed gas lines. But then they brought the neighbor to trial for arson. He had broken in and stolen some things and changed the locks.

    He was just found not guilty. Jurors said there wasn’t enough evidence.

    Every case I’ve ever heard of with a house exploding was arson. Even so, it’s pretty scary. These two did some major damage. The first one shook my house, about 10 blocks away.

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