Obama to Speak in Youngstown

President Barack Obama will speak in Youngstown today, seeking to highlight successes from his $787 billion stimulus bill, according to the Plain Dealer.

The president will make a private appearance at the VM Star steel plant, which is set to undergo a $650 million expansion. The stimulus bill helped pay for improvements that will pave the way for 350 new jobs.

The big joke in Youngstown is that the city is a popular place for presidential candidates to visit once every four years, so it’s meaningful that the president is visiting. The $650 expansion is such a coup for Youngstown that it deserves national attention. It will be the first steel making facility constructed in Youngstown since the ’70s.

Obama also spoke in Buffalo last week.



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2 responses to “Obama to Speak in Youngstown


    in regards to obama visiting youngstown maybe he could visit the old amtrack station and se what he could do for that how nice it would be to see that reopen and have not only long distance trips new york pennsylvannia excetera but local ones cleveland akron excetera at reasonable prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. schmange

    Obama: “It’s people like you, in towns like Youngstown, that I’m thinking about every day as I walk into the Oval Office.”

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