Beautiful Buffalo in Pictures, Part 1–Buildings

The bad news is, we ticked off some Buffaloians with some of the verbiage in our photography solicitations. The good news is, a bunch of them sent us photos offering some of the more appealing scenes in the City of No Illusions.

So now Buffaloians are going to show us what the city is all about.

We have received so many submissions that I had to break it down into a few categories. This first one is dedicated to Buffalo’s beautiful buildings. (Next post will be on natural landscapes.) Unfortunately, this won’t be an exhaustive look at all the fine architecture in Buffalo, just a taste of some of the more memorable. Thanks to everyone who submitted! Sorry about the inadvertent slight!

This fantastically detailed stained glass window adorns City Hall. This building is the reason I have been dying to visit Buffalo. The building was designed by Louis Sullivan, father of modernist architecture and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. Buffalo City Hall was primarily designed by John J. Wade- who was partnered at the time with George Dietel, and was assisted on the project by former State Architect Sullivan W. Jones. Here’s a few more views from the building. (Both photos courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness of

Buffalo is an architectural hotbed. Below is a photo of another of the city’s grand buildings, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, by the same photographer. The gallery displays modern and contemporary art and is home to Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, one of the nation’s first art institutions.

Here’s another gem: Buffalo’s Central Terminal. This photo was submitted by Marty Biniasz of This 17-story art deco building once served 152 daily trains. It was abandoned in the ’80s only to be purchased by a preservationist in the late 1990s for $1.

Forgive me for this, but this was taken straight from Wikipedia:

Currently, the Buffalo Central Terminal is host to approximately twenty major fund raising events each year. Work continues to progress and new areas of the building are cleaned up and reopened to the public each year. Since 2003 over 90,000 people have visited the building. This is more than the local Frank Lloyd Wright properties of Western New York have had. The building has been a host to tours, art shows, local political events, train shows, annual Dyngus Day and Oktoberfest, weddings, as well as a temporary art installation by controversial artist Spencer Tunick in 2004.

Stay tuned. More great Buffalo photography coming soon!



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11 responses to “Beautiful Buffalo in Pictures, Part 1–Buildings

  1. Ang! We cycled through Buffalo this summer, and while the roads sucked, City Hall was gorgeous. Plus there is a free observation deck! See some pictures here:

  2. Charger

    Sorry, but Buffalo’s City Hall wasn’t designed by Louis Sullivan, who had been dead for 5 years before its construction began in 1929. Sullivan did however design the Guaranty (or Prudential) Building in Buffalo, begun in 1896. It has recently undergone a significant and meticulous restoration as the new home of one of Buffalo’s major law firms.

    • schmange

      Geez. Thanks for that correction. I could have sworn it was city hall. Still an amazing building. We’ll have to feature the Guaranty building a different time.

  3. jwalk79

    Buffalo City Hall was primarily designed by John J. Wade- who was partnered at the time with George Dietel, and was assisted on the project by former State Architect Sullivan W. Jones. But Wade was the primary architect and visionary for City Hall.

  4. Special K

    I love these photos!

  5. Ooops, my HTML didn’t work. The link name should have been this:
    Buffalo City Hall – History

  6. schmange

    I’m sorry about that. Thanks for the correct info. Not doing too well so far at redeeming ourselves. Maybe on the next post, I’ll have you guys look it over first.

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  8. DW Duttweiler

    As a native of Buffalo (Kensington HS 1944), I’d always thought I was a BuffaLONian…now the residents are BuffaLOians? How’d that happen?

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