Photo Essay: Beautiful Western NY

Western New York has a ton of Beauty to offer the eyes.   The last posting featured a mixture of natural and urban.  This post shall delve further into the natural.  Follow me as we travel from North to South:

Lewsiton NY, the home of Artpark. This scenic view can be seen from behind the main stage at Artpark. Hard to believe that as i took this shot, a crowd of 30,000 people had gathered to see the Doobie Brothers.

From Lewiston we head south into the City of Buffalo…

As the leaves change, the view at Delaware Park can be quite spectacular. Located inside the city of Buffalo, Delaware Park offers a wonderful natural refuge from the daily grind of urban life. (see last photo for a panoramic view of Delaware Park)

From here we travel South.  Past the industrial maze of Buffalo’s outer Harbor into the Lakeshore area of Hamburg/Blasdale..

This is just the tip of the iceberg for natural wonders in the WNY area. I do hope you have enjoyed this photo tour of the area!

These photos were contributed by Buffalo photographer Chuck Alaimo. (By the way, wow!)


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7 responses to “Photo Essay: Beautiful Western NY

  1. tonyg

    nice photos!! Hey stop telling everybody! We know what a swell spot on the planet this is! We want to keep it all to ourselfs!

  2. Special K

    Love those Lake Erie shots! I miss being able to see the Lake every day.

  3. Prints are available of these if anyone should desire to have them!

  4. Sean Posey

    These are some truly gorgeous landscapes.

  5. Eric

    Amazing! I really want to take a trip back.

  6. What a beautiful photographic interpretation of WNY. I love it here and although my style of photography is far different from yours…People who live here and are artistically inclined are very good at expressing the hidden and the obvious beauty of WNY. Thank you for sharing. And I would love to know where you sell your work.

  7. Hello there Michelle, sorry for the delay is replying:

    Right now I am selling most of my work as print on demand (I just don’t have the financial resources to keep a great stock on hand). So see a more complete gallery of my work, check my Facebook page –

    I also have a few pieces on display at the 464 gallery (464 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY)

    Hope that helps, if you want anymore information feel free to ask!

    Chuck Alaimo

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