“Poet of Poverty,” a Film about Camden, NJ

This video was sent to us by filmmaker Sean Dougherty.

Poet of Poverty is based on letters written by Father Michael Doyle. It is narrated by Martin Sheen.

According to the filmmakers:

“This is a film about one man’s words. These are the words of an Irish priest who came to Camden, New Jersey, forty years ago and never left. They are the extraordinary words of a natural-born poet, Father Michael Doyle, the Poet of Poverty.

Father Doyle’s words bear witness to a horrendous crime: the total neglect of America’s poorest city, Camden, New Jersey. They began as words written for monthly letters that serve as a lifeline to those who support his church. But, as a friend once told Doyle, these prose-poem letters are really his ministry.”

I guess I can sort of relate to that. I’m glad to see the good people working hard in Camden be recognized.

The whole film is available in Youtube videos at Poetofpoverty.com.


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One response to ““Poet of Poverty,” a Film about Camden, NJ

  1. Sean Posey

    This sums up the sad state of post-industrial America so poignantly.

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