Rust Belt Wunderkind Akron Develops Land Use and Transportation Plan

Akron is a smart city. I just want to get that out of the way.

I was just browsing Green City Blue Lake Today and I stumbled across this: Akron Maps Out Sustainable Land Use and Transportation. Writes GCBL’s Mark Lefkowitz:

Connecting Communities: A Guide to Integrating Land Use and Transportation is a good read on the Akron/Summit region’s development patterns with an eye toward “increasing transportation choices, improving connectivity and reducing environmental impact.”


The article continues that Akron will be inventorying parking, sidewalks, transit stops, bikeways and landuse to explore gaps in the transportation system. The goal is to create — get this — a vibrant urban environment.

Akron, hat tip to you: a progressive, smart Rust Belt city.

I am a little frustrated by this news. As a resident of the much larger, nearby Cleveland metro region, our regional planning agency NOACA still treats land use like a dirty word, even as sprawl decimates the central city and impoverishes the region.

Let’s make this interesting, shall we? Make lemonade out of regional planning lemons, so to say.

I am taking bets on how long it will take Cleveland to catch up to Akron. 10 years? 15?

Does anyone have an insight? Just curious.



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