Indiana Migration Figures Challenge Theory of Conservative Political Supremacy

To hear some conservative commenters tell it, Indiana should be wiping the floor with Ohio and Michigan.

Afterall, Detroit’s fundamental problem is its liberalness, according to the Wall Street Journal. And Ohio Governor John Kasich, he’s busy curing all the state’s ailments with “business friendliness.” Ditto goes for “open for business” Wisconsin.

It’s difficult to say whether Indiana is truly more economically healthy than its neighbors to the northeast and east. But one thing is clear, while Ohio and Michigan residents might be racing for the door, they’re not tripping over eachother at the Indiana border.

Aaron Renn (props!) over at the Urbanophile is displaying a chart showing migration to Indiana from Ohio and Michigan. In these tough economic times, Indiana’s grown no more appealing, relatively, than during the past. In fact, migration to Indiana from Ohio and Michigan is down overall.

Chart: Aaron Renn, Urbanophile

Is this telling, guys? I’m curious about your opinion. Anyone have an evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that Indiana is kicking buckeye/wolverine hiney, you know economy-wise?

I guess we’ll have the final answer about whether conservative politics can save Ohio and Michigan just as soon as their prospects start turning around thanks to the Kasich/Walker dynasties.


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