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Amazon first, Apple second and Google third among world’s top 100 brands

Washington, Ta. 22

Amazon and Apple are the most valuable brands in the world. However, Chinese brands continue to lead the way in this regard, as per the recent rankings attached to the brand. According to Kantar BrandZ’s ranking, Chinese brands have overtaken Europe’s top brands in terms of value.

Founded by Jeff Bezos in the 19th, Amazon is becoming the most valuable brand in the world. The brand value of Amazon is estimated at 3 billion. Apple, which was founded on 19, has a brand value of 215 billion.

Google is at number three in this list with a value of 3 billion. Three Indian companies have also been included in the list of 100 companies. TCS is at 4th position, HDFC Bank is at 4th position and LIC is at 4th position.

This list includes Microsoft at number four, Chinese video game and social media company Tencent at number five, Facebook at number six, Alibaba at number seven, Visa at number eight, McDonald’s at number nine and Mastercard at number ten.

Graham Stopplehurst, Director (Global Strategy) at Cantor BrandsZ, said the Chinese brand is moving slowly but steadily. According to the list, Tesla, formed in 2007, is the fastest growing and most valuable car brand.

The list is dominated by American brands. 9 out of 100 brands are American. Louis Vuitton of France is the 31st and most valuable brand in Europe. Britain’s Vodafone ranks seventh in the list. The share of European brands in the list has come down to 8 per cent from 20 per cent a decade ago.


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