Corona’s ‘Supervaxin’ is coming, now no variant, no longer a threat of epidemic

Study calls it a second-generation vaccine that attacks sarbecovirus

New Delhi Date. Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The world facing the corona virus pandemic is now plagued by various forms of the virus. Many forms of corona are coming out in different countries of the world which is worrying. Scientists are now working on a vaccine that will work on all variants. Also, it will help in preventing any pandemic in future.

Scientists have developed a vaccine that affects all types of corona virus except Kovid-19. Scientists are currently testing it on rats. Scientists from the University of North Carolina in the United States have already started research on it. Scientists say that no one knows which virus will cause the next epidemic, so all preparations will have to be made from now on.

Matt will give all forms of Corona family

To eliminate the risk of future pandemics from any form of corona, scientists have developed a vaccine that affects all other forms of the corona virus as well as all other forms that are likely to spread from animals to humans. is.

The study called it a second-generation vaccine that attacks sarbecovirus. Sarbecoviruses are part of the coronavirus family. Two forms of this family have wreaked havoc in the last 2 decades, first SARS and then COVID-19.

The team of scientists working on this mission has adopted the mRNA method. Pfizer and Moderna also used this method to develop existing vaccines.

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