Fall in to buy the latest copy of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper

Hong Kong, Ta. 24
The Apple Daily, which speaks out against Hong Kong’s Chinese-backed government and China’s repressive laws, has closed. She went to Hong Kong to buy her last copy. One million copies of the previous edition of the newspaper were sold in an instant.
The pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily in Hong Kong has finally closed. The management decided to close the newspaper due to government repression. The last print edition of the Apple Daily newspaper was published, leading to long queues of buyers. The previous edition of the newspaper sold one million copies.
The Apple Daily newspaper strongly opposed the new security law being implemented in Hong Kong at the behest of China and represented the side of the protesters opposing the law. The newspaper enthusiastically advocated the establishment of an independent democracy in Hong Kong. A local government organization working in Hong Kong at the behest of China harassed the newspaper. A few days ago, five editors and a manager were arrested for suppressing the newspaper. Not only this, the government also confiscated the newspaper’s property worth three lakhs.
In the midst of this dire situation, the management of the newspaper had to decide to close the newspaper. The newspaper, which is the voice of the citizens of Hong Kong, announced the closure of operations by publishing its latest print edition, after which every newsstand in Hong Kong was hit hard to buy the last historic issue of the newspaper.
A large number of people reached the office of the newspaper and encouraged the employees of the newspaper. “This is our last day,” the newspaper wrote in an announcement. This is our final version. At the same time, the freedom of the press in Hong Kong will end. Addressing reporters and staff, Chen Pui, the newspaper’s assistant publisher, said: “We all follow our religion. This is where our journey ends. You all did a great job.
The Hong Kong newspaper had a circulation of 20,000 copies. The newspaper was started in the 19th century by a pro-democracy entrepreneur named Jimmy Leigh. Jimmy Leigh was also arrested by the government in 2012 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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