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Pak conspiracy to turn deaf children into human bombs

Pak’s hand in converting a thousand people

Police suspects that funding is being received from Pakistan and Arab countries for religious conversion in India.

– Suspected that the gang was activated to force the students to hate their religion and accept other religion

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh ATSA has exposed the forced conversion of 1000 people. The police probing the whole case, it has come to know in the interrogation of the arrested people that this conversion is related to Pakistan. There was a conspiracy to cause a huge explosion in India by converting deaf students into human bombs.

The police have also claimed that funds are being sent from abroad for religious conversion in India. It has been revealed that this funding is coming from Pakistan and Arab countries. Vipul Vijayvargiya and Kasif, who were earlier arrested under the conspiracy, were sent to Das Devi temple in Ghaziabad. The investigation also revealed that the racket was related to some extremist organizations in India.

It is feared that the accused had hatched a conspiracy to convert the deaf students studying in the Noida Deaf Society. Later the students were brainwashed and used for terrorist activities. Deaf children and students were being targeted as they could neither hear nor speak.

The students were getting angry over the religion they belonged to and a conspiracy was being hatched to attract them to another religion. They were targeted for money, jobs and marriage. Police investigation has also revealed that some extremist organizations in India are being given money for conversion by Pakistan and Arab countries. A total of four people have been arrested in the case. The gang is feared to spread to many states.


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