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The rise of the Taliban as NATO troops bid farewell to Afghanistan

New York, June 8, 2021, Wednesday

As US and NATO forces prepare to leave Afghanistan after 17 years, the Taliban intensify efforts to capture many parts of the country. The United Nations has warned that the Taliban could capture the capitals of several states. If this happens, then the political activities which have increased for the establishment of peace and security of the people will be disturbed. NATO forces plan to bye-bye to Afghanistan by September 11, after which local forces will be responsible for the country’s security. According to Afghan officials, the Taliban is moving rapidly north. In this sense, it is much more than just a traditional stronghold.

Taliban militants on Tuesday captured the port of Shirkhan, a major city bordering Tajikistan. Earlier Naharin N Baglan of the northern province of Baglan had also occupied the district headquarters of Markadi. UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan Debra Lyon said the Taliban have controlled 20 of the country’s 20 districts since May. The districts that have been broken up are not particularly far from provincial capitals. The Taliban are building a political base in which they are likely to become more powerful after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

However, the United States has said that it will keep an eye on the Taliban after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The help of nearby neighbors will be sought to get information about the Taliban and the attacks. However, as tensions between Russia and the United States increase, it will be difficult for the United States. US President Joe Biden has just said that he wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before 9/11 under any circumstances, so the times ahead will be a test for the Afghan people. How to stop the Taliban will also be a matter of concern for the world community.


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