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WHO warns about Delta variants of Corona in 85 countries

Delta variants account for 15 percent of new cases in Germany

Major US bank JP Morgan asked employees to give details of corona vaccine

NEW YORK: The World Health Organization has warned in its weekly that patients have been found in 85 countries of its delta version, which is significantly more contagious than the coronavirus, and if it continues, it could spread to more places in the world. could. report good.

According to weekly pandemic data released on June 22, the alpha version of the coronavirus has spread to 170 countries, the beta version to 119 countries, the gamma version to 71 countries and the delta version to 85 countries.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants of the four Coronas have been declared as a matter of concern. If current continues to flow the delta variant will become the dominant descent. According to a study conducted in Japan, the delta version is 1.23 times more contagious than the alpha version.

In Germany, meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel told parliament that Europe was in a difficult position to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, noting that the progress made to reduce corona infections would include turning the delta version into degeneration. had the capacity. In Germany, 15 percent of new cases of corona are from the delta variant.

Meanwhile, America’s largest Wall Street bank JP Morgan has advised all its employees to get the corona vaccine. The bank will have to show its employees in a form by the end of this month whether they have been vaccinated against corona.

Meanwhile, according to government figures, more than two million people in England have been suffering from coronavirus symptoms for more than 12 weeks. Long-lived corona symptoms are considered to be long-lived covids.

Meanwhile, a researcher from Seattle in the US has claimed to have discovered 13 genetic sequences of the corona virus from Google Cloud.

A year ago in Wuhan, genetic sequences obtained from more than 200 samples of the initial cases of corona disappeared from its online scientific database. Now the researcher has found this sequence while routing the files stored in the Google Cloud. It is expected that the corona virus will be able to get accurate information about where and how it spreads from bats or other animals to humans.


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