Lockdown reported in 65 cases of Delta variant in Sydney

35,204 more cases of Delta variant reported in UK

The third wave of the corona epidemic is spreading at a devastating rate in Africa

SYDNEY: The number of delta-type cases in the Australian city of Sydney has risen to 65, so it is time for a population of 5 million to be in lockdown for a week. The case also includes 22 local cases. With the increase in the number of delta variant cases, questions are being raised on the Kovid zero strategy of Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

These countries had adopted a policy of isolation to prevent the spread of the corona virus there, but now it is taking a tough turn. Mass vaccination is now being resumed, but instead of improving the situation in countries with this zero-covid strategy, the time has come to reimpose the lockdown due to the delta version of the corona.

There were 35,204 more cases of the delta variant in the UK. A total of 1,11,157 cases of corona were reported in Britain, out of which 46 percent were of the delta variant.

According to the British Public Health Department, the delta variant was first reported in India. Since then, it has spread rapidly in the UK. The threat of Delta Plus is looming in the UK as well. The UK Department of Health said 514 cases were reported in British hospitals. Of these, 304 were not vaccinated.

The Department of Health recommended the vaccine, citing the association of the delta variant with the vaccine. 117 people died in Britain after infection with the Delta version. Of these, eight were below 50 years of age. Of those eight, six had not been vaccinated. There were two people who died 21 days after taking the first dose and then died of infection.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization’s regional director for Africa said that the third fast-spreading wave of the corona pandemic is becoming more devastating. Appealing for a vaccine to protect Africa’s population, he said the situation was “worrisome”.

This wave is expected to be the worst for Africa. An estimated 5 million cases of corona have been reported in African countries. And about 140,000 people have died.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States says that if a person experiences symptoms of corona infection when receiving both doses of the corona vaccine, they should self-isolate or Health should report positive corona result. worker.

If you have to go out to see a doctor, then such a person should wear a mask and maintain social distance. Coronavirus vaccination can prevent hospitalization and death. It also reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

A person taking both doses of the vaccine has a very low risk of re-infection from the corona, but doctors say they can become infected. Meanwhile, Japan has announced plans to provide cold chain equipment worth Rs 9.3 million to India to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Facilities like cold storage will be set up under Japan’s emergency grant-in-aid scheme. Despite an increase in childcare at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the burden is not shared equally between men and women. Demand for more time at home has cost women billions of dollars

According to a study released by the Center for Global Development, last year women worked an additional 173 hours for childcare, while men allocated an additional 59 hours for childcare. The gap was even greater in middle- and low-income countries. The study found that in India, women carried the burden ten times more than men.

According to a modeling study, the spread of corona virus in China started in October 2019. According to an announcement by the Chinese government, two months later, the first case of corona was reported in Wuhan. According to the study published in the journal Plus Pathogens, the first case of corona in China should have been reported on 17 November.

China announced the first official case of corona in December 2019. A mathematical model developed at the University of Kent in the UK to determine the date of extinction of various species was reconstructed by researcher David Roberts.

According to this model, after January 2020, the corona virus started spreading outside China. The first case should have been reported in Japan in January and the first case in Thailand on January 7. The first case in Europe was reported on January 12 in Spain and on January 14 in South Korea.

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