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Florida Building Tragedy: A Serious Structural Error Detected

Death toll rises to nine: 150 still missing

Engineers recommend major overhaul of building in 2018

St Petersburg: A report has been released on the collapse structure of an oceanfront condominium in a city near Miami in the US state of Florida. The report found that the pool deck on the ground floor of the building rests on only one slab.

A 2018 engineering report recommended that the building suffered major structural damage and major repairs. At the end of an inspection carried out by engineers in 2018, the report recommended that the building was in need of major repairs.

Large cracks in concrete pillars, beams and walls of the building’s parking garage as well as cement are leaking out. The report said the waterproofing failed under the pool deck.

Also the leveling done in the waterproofing was unreasonably flat. Due to lack of slope, water used to accumulate at one place instead of flowing. Failed waterproofing has caused major damage to the building structure weakening the concrete slab.

The report also warned that if repairs are not made, the quality of the concrete in the building will continue to deteriorate and lose its capacity. The death toll in the accident has risen to nine and 150 people are missing for which the search is on.


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