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Government to investigate leaked video of British health minister

The scene of a kiss with a colleague spread

Hidden camera in minister’s office raised concerns of British government: demand for nationwide probe

LONDON: The British government today said it would investigate a leaked video from the office of Health Minister Matt Honcock. The video shows Matt Hancock kissing his colleague Health Department non-executive director Gina Coladenglo.

Matt Hancock has resigned after the video went viral. So the British government says it will investigate how the camera fitting incident and Matt’s resignation cleared the way for Sajid Javid as health minister.

The presence of hidden cameras in smoke alarms in the office of Hancock, Britain’s minister of health and social care, has prompted repeated calls for an investigation in Britain, and viral videos and photographs have raised the government’s concern.

Matt Hancock resigned for violating social distancing rules against anyone other than family members and was accepted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Britain and North Island Affairs Minister Brendan Lewis said the health department was currently investigating the incident. The government is concerned about how such recording can be done in a government building or an important room of a government office.

The government is currently working on understanding the issue and how to deal with it. The photos were published by Britain’s The Sun newspaper and the newspaper mentioned that they had received the photographs from the concerned whistleblowers.


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