Bank disturbances and 50 crores came to the woman’s account

New Delhi: One day everyone must have seen the hero film with the Chief Minister, now it is a matter of four days of billionaires. An American woman became a billionaire within four days because of a bank failure. Because of this, the American family enjoyed being a billionaire for four days because of a bank defect. Suddenly so much money got deposited in the account of a female member of the family that it became difficult to calculate. Clearly refused to be removed. However, the family honestly informed the bank that the money did not belong to them. The amount deposited was 20 billion, or 500 billion rupees.

The fortunes of Darren James’s family in Louisiana, USA, changed overnight when his wife’s account became so rich that she became a billionaire.

He said his wife has Rs 20 billion or Rs 3,500 billion in her Chase bank account. The transaction took place on June 15. Despite the sudden deposit of such amount in the bank account, his fix was not spoiled.

He did not even touch the amount and informed the bank. “We were all thinking Kai was going to knock on our door, because we wouldn’t know anyone with that kind of money,” James told News Focus.

“We knew the money was not ours,” James said. We didn’t tinker with it or even think about it. As a former legal officer at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, he knew the money would be considered stolen, but for a few days he was one of the richest people in the world.

“My family was billionaires for four days,” James said. We didn’t do anything though, but it’s nice to see how many zeros were in the account. On June 15, the amount was credited in his account and remained till June 15. A spokesperson for Chase Bank said: “We have fixed the bank’s shortcomings.” He said a week ago some accounts were affected due to a technical glitch. The problem has been resolved.

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