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Brazil suspends Covexin deal between Hobala, 320 million contract

Brazil had the option to buy Pfizer vaccine but it bought expensive vaccine from Bharat Biotech

New Delhi Date. Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Brazil has decided to postpone the Covexin deal with India Biotech. 320 million contracts have been suspended in Brazil, raising questions over the deal. Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo made the announcement on Tuesday. According to the deal, Brazil was to buy a total of 20 million vaccine doses from Bharat Biotech. But the deal raised questions in Brazil, accusing President Zaire Bolsonaro of concealing corruption.

The Brazilian government was constantly besieged by whistleblowers. Several clarifications were also given by the government but no difference was pointed out. When the issue finally reached the Supreme Court of Brazil, the Brazilian government decided to scrap the deal.

The Covexin deal will remain suspended until the investigation is complete. However, it has been repeatedly claimed by the Ministry of Health of Brazil that this deal was not rigged in any way.

What were the allegations?

In fact, the deal alleged that a Brazilian health ministry official was pressured to buy Bharat Biotech Covacin. President Zaire was aware of this but could not stop the deal and Brazil had to buy expensive covacin.

President Zaire has been in the news since the news of the deal turmoil in Brazil. The question is that Brazil had the option of buying the Pfizer vaccine but it bought the expensive vaccine from Bharat Biotech. If the allegations of uproar prove to be true, then there will be a crisis in the chair of President Zaire.


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