China is raging in the name of democracy, threatening its students studying in Australia

New Delhi, dated 30 June 2021, Wednesday

China monitors and controls the movement of people in its own country, but now the Chinese government is also threatening students who have traveled thousands of kilometers to study in Australia.

Human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch said in a report that Australian universities have also failed to protect the educational freedom of Chinese students studying there. Chinese students are informing the Chinese government about the students studying with them.

The institute says that universities are also afraid of China’s reaction and are hiding it instead of discussing the issues.

The report was preceded by interviews with 24 pro-democracy students from China and Hong Kong, as well as 22 professors teaching at Australian universities. In three cases, Human Rights Watch learned that in the case of three students studying in Australia, Chinese police went to their family home in China and threatened to send one student to jail.

In another case, a student was threatened with jail. Because this student posted a message in support of democracy on Twitter in Australia. Another student’s passport has been confiscated. Because he discussed his support for democracy with his classmates in Australia.

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