Heatwave death toll rises to six in Canada and the United States

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Thousands of people have been affected by the onset of severe heat in many parts of the United States and Canada. The death toll rose to nine. So far more than 100 people have died due to heat wave in Canada alone. 40 more people died of heatstroke in Oregon, USA.
Heavy heat disrupted life in many parts of North America. The Northwest heatwave is putting thousands of people at risk. Thousands have been affected by heatwaves in Canada, Oregon and Washington. The Canadian province of British Columbia has been rocked by a hitwave. This is the first time in Canada that such a large number of people have died due to heatstroke. Temperatures were recorded at 4 to 30 degrees Celsius at some places. Schools, colleges and vaccination centers were closed in many US-Canada provinces due to the scorching heat.
A health official in Oregon said more than 50 people had died from the heat. In Multnomah County alone, eight deaths were reported. At least 40 people have died in the sweltering heat in Washington. However, it was also feared that this figure would be much larger.
An official in the Canadian province of British Columbia said 15 people had died from the heat in the past five days. A British Columbia official said it would take time to find out exactly how many people were killed by the heatwave. More people are expected to be victims of this scorching heat than expected.
Experts said that this situation has happened due to the effects of global warming in the US-Canada. In particular, the atmosphere known as Hit Dome created an average temperature of eight to 10 degrees Celsius in many parts of North America.

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