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Profit, fan and AC prices doubled amid unprecedented hitwave in Canada

New Delhi, 1 July 2021, Thursday

Thus Canada is considered a cold region. Even in summer, it doesn’t get as hot, but this year, Canada’s summer has been harsh.

Amidst the scorching heat in Canada, traders are now earning profits by doubling the prices of fans and ACs. Due to the scorching heat in Canada, fans and ACs are being sold online by some traders at double the price, as were being charged for Corona medicines and injections in India. People troubled by the heat have no option but to pay the price. Temperatures in Canada are not usually high but this year it is getting very hot.


Hundreds of people have died from heatstroke in western Canada. ACs and fans are sold out within minutes in the state of British Columbia. There has been a phenomenal increase in the sale of ACs in local shops. The performance of the AC installer has quadrupled.

To escape the heat, most hotels in the city of Vancouver have been booked. Because people coming here are preferring to stay in hotels to escape the heat. The Meteorological Department says that the heat wave will continue. The city’s Night Plumbing and Heating Association says there’s panic. Certainly we have never seen such a situation before. The prices of fans and ACs have doubled. This is how people are using Hitwave to make money.

The temperature in the state of British Columbia is continuously rising above 45 degrees. On Sunday, the mercury here was recorded at 46 degrees, breaking the record of 84 years.


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