Space Race Between Two Billionaires, After Jeff Bezos Declared Richard Brans

New Delhi, 2 July 2021, Friday

A race is on between two of America’s most famous businessmen as to who will build the first spacecraft. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced that he will go to space on July 20.

Now Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines and founder of space company Virgin Galactic, has announced that he will travel to space on July 11, nine days ahead of Jeff Bezos. Branson’s company announced on Thursday evening that the spacecraft will carry six people, including Branson. The spacecraft will take off from the US state of New Mexico. The vehicle will be operated by the employees of the company.

However, Virgin Galactic already has three space missions planned. This will be her fourth success. Earlier, Jeb Bezos’ space travel company Blue Origin had announced that Jeff Bezos would be one of the world’s leading women in aerospace travel on July 20. Who has been waiting for 60 years for space travel.

Jeff Bezos chose July 20 because American astronauts landed on the moon on the same day. An auction was organized by Blue Origin for those wishing to travel with Jeff Bezos. The proceeds will be used for charity.

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