Ninety-nine percent of all deaths in the United States were due to vaccination: Dr. Anthony Fossey

Washington: The death toll from corona worldwide is about to touch two million and the death toll in India has crossed four lakh. America has the highest number of deaths due to corona in the world. Corona has killed 2.31 million people in America. US public health expert Dr. According to the U.S., about 5 percent of those who die from coronary heart disease have not been vaccinated. Fossey said.

Dr. Anthony Fossey said that the matter is very sad. “It is very disappointing that we have a bigger enemy in the form of corona virus,” he said. We also have the answer to this and it is also effective, but sadly it is not being implemented across the country. If the vaccine had come earlier, there would not have been so many deaths in the world.

“These people are against vaccines or science,” Fawcett said, citing opposition to vaccination by some Americans. “People should understand that the virus is the enemy of all,” he said. America is lucky to have enough doses of the vaccine. They mix as many doses of the vaccine as can be given to the entire US population. There is no dearth of people around the world who can do anything to get vaccinated.

Corona has the highest number of deaths in America. Whereas 2.5 lakh people have died worldwide. In America alone 2.41 million people died of corona. America is the most affected country in the world and about 3.5 lakh people are infected here. That is, ten percent of the population is infected. Today there are more than 40 lakh active cases of corona in America.

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