Mirabai Chanu: Mirabai’s ‘good luck’ was in her ears: Mother gave a special gift by selling jewelery – Mirabai Chanu Good Luck Earrings

New Delhi: Apart from Mirabai Chanu’s historic silver medal and her beautiful smile, the star weightlifter’s scintillating performance by wearing Olympic ring-shaped earrings in her ear on Saturday caught everyone’s attention. This earring was a gift from her mother five years ago, when she sold her jewelry.

Mirabai’s mother hoped that her fortune would shine with this earring. It didn’t happen at the Rio Olympics, but it shone through at the Tokyo Olympics. When Mirabai won the silver medal in Tokyo, her mother Sekhom Ongbi Tombi Lima had tears of joy in her eyes.

Her mother said at her home in Manipur that she had seen the earring she was wearing on TV. I gave it to him before the 2016 Rio Olympics. I made it by collecting gold ornaments and some savings with me so that his luck shines and he gets success.

Mirabai ended India’s 21-year drought in weightlifting at the Olympics by winning a silver medal in the 49kg category. He also opened India’s medal tally at the Tokyo Games. Chanu, 26, lifted a total of 202 kg and outperformed Olympic-2000 bronze medalist Karnam Malleswari.

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