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Major Dhyan Chand Adolf Hitler: When hockey magician Dhyan Chand turned down Hitler’s offer – When Major Dhyan Chand turned down Adolf Hitler’s offer during the Berlin Olympics 1936

The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, the country’s highest sports award, will now be known as Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this announcement on Friday. Indian men’s hockey team has won bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics. India has won an Olympic medal in hockey after 41 years. At the same time, the women’s hockey team has also reached the semi-finals for the first time. The women’s team missed out on winning the bronze medal.

However, there was a time when India won eight consecutive Olympic gold medals in hockey. The role of Major Dhyan Chand, who is called the magician of hockey, has been very important in this success of India. Dhyanchand, who joined the army at the age of 16, started his career in hockey and went on to become a legend in the country. Hockey was a religion for Dhyan Chand.
The hockey player cried while talking to PM Modi on the phone, “You guys don’t cry.” The Indian team’s performance in the 1936 Berlin Olympics was a resounding success. India defeated France 10–0 in the semi-final, with Dhyan Chand scoring four goals. India will now face hosts Germany in the final.

More than 40,000 spectators were present in the stadium to watch the match. The audience included top Nazi officials such as Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels and Hitler. The Indian team could not score a single goal till the interval in the match. But later the team went into aggressive mode and defeated Germany 8-1. Dhyan Chand used to play barefoot and later used to wear rubber slippers. Seeing his performance, people put fingers in his mouth.
The big decision of the Modi government is to replace Rajiv Gandhi with Khel Ratna Major Dhyan Chand. Adolf Hitler was leaving the stadium in desperation. The latter returned to give away the medals. Dhyan Chand received a surprising message saying that Hitler is calling to meet you. Dhyanchand got a little worried on hearing about Hitler’s cruelty.

However, Hitler welcomed Dhyan Chand in his private box at the stadium. He asked Dhyan Chand what he does in India. The hockey magician replied that they serve in the army. It is said that Hitler then offered Dhyan Chand a top position in the German army. Dhyan Chand, however, politely declined Hitler’s offer.

Former Indian hockey coach Syed Ali Sibtain Naqvi said that Dada Dhyanchand scored six goals against Germany and India won 8-1. Hitler offered his grandfather Dhyan Chand to join the German army. Dhyan Chand feared that if Hitler turned down the offer, Hitler might shoot him. However, he insisted that India is not for sale. Grandpa told me this.

Not only this, the biggest surprise for the entire stadium was that instead of shaking hands with Dhyan Chand, Hitler saluted him. Hitler had said that the whole of Germany salutes you for your love for your country India and your patriotism. He said that it was Hitler who gave him the title of ‘magician of hockey’.


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