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Vedantu CEO Vamsi Krishna: Discussion with Vedantu CEO and Founder Vamsi Krishna about Vedantu ‘VIP’, which guarantees academic progress Talk about redefining it.

Says a normal teacher. Good teacher explains. The best teacher appears. Great teachers inspire. – William Arthur Ward

The role of education is very important in educational and learning progress. And a great teacher is at the core of designing and delivering the most effective educational experience possible. If you take a look at their career so far, you will see influential teachers sharing some of the key characteristics and attitudes that have made them effective teachers – they took great care of their duty and their students. This inspired Vedantu to introduce it. Vedantu is a live online learning platform which was started to provide quality and affordable education to every child in India. The AdTech platform takes a student-centric approach to effectively deliver online education. And at its core everything is education, which is transcendent and innovative and empathetic. He appoints teachers who help the students to excel academically and not only impart knowledge to the students but also make them proficient in all respects. In short, the teachers of Vedantu have got the opportunity, so they did not become teachers but became teachers of their own free will.

This passion for education enabled Vedantu to go beyond the prescribed conditions to provide educational services and launch a new initiative – Vedantu Improvement Promise known as VIP. It is set to address the critical lack of accountability and responsibility at the learning platform and ensure improved predictable learning for students. This promise is given with the assurance that if no improvement is noticed within a year, the live online learning platform will refund the course fee without any questions. It is the answer to the untold questions in the minds of parents: When a child fails to achieve the desired results, why the responsibility of improvement lies only on the students and their parents and not the educational platform, the school and the entire education on the system. . This co-ownership of the performance of the students with the parents is meant to build trust and revolutionize the one-way process of teaching.

That’s where Vedantu is in conversation with Sujit John, Assistant Resident Editor, Times of India in a FB Live session with Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-Founder of Vedantu today. This chat will show how this goal was initiated by the initiative and as a result Vedantu, their principles of teaching and finally how VIPs and Vedantu teachers are equipped for a new unusual challenge.

Today we know that Vedantu provides one-to-one live online classes from class-1 to class-12 and prepares students for various competitive exams. The course is delivered in a live real-time, interactive virtual learning environment. The platform offers free and live masterclasses of all subjects on its app, web and YouTube channels.

However, according to Vamsi Krishna, the journey of this edutech platform has been full of over the top ambitions, amazing norms and logistical challenges to change the image of the profession to make education understandable and quality education. Education has always been considered a noble profession in India.

The teachers who teach at Vedantu are not only experts, but also those who have voluntarily become teachers, who have a passion for teaching, will provide students with knowledge and skills that work in the classroom and in the practical world as well. Vedantu teachers continuously monitor the activities and performance of students inside the classroom and after the completion of class and focus on their development accordingly. There is a constant discussion between teachers and parents regarding this performance and program. So that parents can also participate in the development of their children.

VIP – Step in the right direction

Vedantu enables students to create a real-time, robust peer-learning environment just like in the real classroom, while ensuring they reach out to the most skilled teachers across India with a passion for learning. Difficult topics are taught through 3D content, live quizzes and games to keep students active. In addition, Vedantu’s innovative live platform provides an opportunity for real-time discussions between students and teachers to eliminate student queries and confusion. Additionally, Vedantu’s patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave technology acts as a unique model that visualizes student learning patterns during the classroom using Machine Learning (ML).

Parental involvement in a child’s early education has been consistently found to be positively associated with the child’s academic progress. Specifically, children whose parents are more involved in their education have higher levels of academic performance than children whose parents are less involved. While on the one hand the VIP takes responsibility for the academic development of each student, on the other hand he/she constantly informs the parents about how their child is progressing.

While schools have been closed since early 2020 to protect children from the COVID-19 pandemic, digital education has now replaced teaching at squares and boards. It is also difficult for teachers to accept digital education. Vedantu supports students and their respective parents to help students continue their studies and excel when this disruption has rocked the Indian education system.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced by the Spotlight team of Times Internet on behalf of Vedantu.


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