Amazon’s secret overstock section is packed with problem-solving products


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The secret’s out. (Photo: Amazon)

We love a good deal and there’s only one thing that can make a deal better: it solves a problem. You probably already know that Amazon is loaded with items that meet both criteria, but what you might not know is that there’s a secret section with awesome overstock items that can simplify, clear up or just make your life a little bit easier — at a massive markdown.

We combed through hundreds of products — from vacation-saving gadgets to living room problem-solvers — and picked out our favorite items. Scroll down for hidden gems to help out around the house.

If you own an air fryer, you know how gross the inside of the fryer can get — little bits of burnt food fall through the cracks and create quite the mess. These air fryer liners aim to reduce the need for cleanup. Designed like large paper cupcake liners, the paper catches the loose bits of food before so they don’t end up in the bottom of the air fryer.

“This is just what I was looking for for my air fryer,” reported a rave reviewer. “I was using coffee filters before but these work great!!! I was hoping someone would come up with this product.”

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KITHELP Reusable Storage Bags

$15$31Save $16

$15 at Amazon

These reusable storage bags are made with food-grade PEVA material to make them safe for food storage. They’re also leak proof, BPA free and freezable. This 18-piece pack incudes a variety of sizes to take care of all your storage needs.

For those of you who want to cut down on waste while cutting down on expenses these reusable storage bags are an amazing deal. They’re designed to eliminate the need for single-use zip-top bags that you use for sandwiches, snacks and general storage.

“I say they’re leak proof because in the 1 gallon bag, I had to freeze some hamburger meat,” shared a satisfied customer. “When I took it out, I left it on the counter. When I realized that once it defrosts, that the blood may leak out, I panicked and ran to the kitchen. To my surprise, there was absolutely no leakage coming out of this bag. I’ve had bags claim to be leak proof but when it comes to defrosting food, I end up with a bloody or juicy mess all over my counter. With these bags, I don’t have that problem. I even had strawberries in one of the snack bags and even though they got smooshed, the juice never once leaked out.”

It’s really easy to get lazy about covering food when you’re heating up a meal in the microwave. While having a dedicated food cover to prevent splatter for easy cleanup is a genius idea, this cover takes the idea a step further. It has magnets built into the top of the cover — the stick to the top of the microwave so the cover is always in the microwave and ready to use.

“We had a non-magnetic cover in our tiny apartment for the longest time,” wrote a satisfied shopper. “And anytime it wasn’t in use, I’d ask my boyfriend and our roomie to leave it in the microwave. But every time, I’d find it left just hanging around somewhere obnoxiously. Instead of fuss over a small matter, I got a better solution. This food cover now lives in the microwave whether it’s needed or not! It sticks to the ceiling fine and pops right down when needed! No more random microwave cover in odd spots cause the boys didn’t put it back! Now it just stays on the microwave ceiling!”

Let’s be honest: Jewelry boxes do not cut it when it comes to organizing all your valuable baubles. A box is just asking for necklaces and bracelets to get tangled up. Instead, we’d like to offer this hanging organizer as an alternative to the jewelry box. There are separate pockets for all your goods so you can find them when you need them and they won’t be a mess.

“It’s so great to not have to dig around for matching earrings because I can clearly see them in the pouches. It also helps keep necklaces from tangling,” wrote an excited shopper. “I wish I’d gotten it sooner!!”

If you want to save energy and money, this adorable draft blocker blocks outside air from getting in and inside air from escaping. That means your heating and air conditioning gets a break and so does your wallet.

“I have a pet storm door installed and there’s a cold draft that comes in at the bottom,” reported a satisfied shopper. “Since I leave the house door open for the dog to go in/out, this draft stopper has helped a lot with the cold air coming in.”

For those having trouble decluttering the closet, these pants hangers give you a bit more space by distributing your pants vertically instead of horizontally. They might just change your life.

“I’ve been on a mission to clear out clutter, and sadly, my closets are the last frontier that I’m tackling,” wrote an excited closet organizer. “I’m a clothing hoarder Fashionista. So, enter these hangers! Holy Cow! Half of my closet looks so amazing that I’m inspired to buy more hangers! These hangers must be wonderful for me to get so excited about closet organization over the weekend! I’m actually looking forward to it! What have these hangers done to me?! Some sort of mind control? No…..just, simply have made my closet look like I’ve spent hours organizing it, when, in fact, I just loaded up these amazing hangers with jeans and slacks that I’d forgotten I had (because my closet was baaaaadly over-crowded!). These are strong, sturdy and don’t bend under the weight of heavy things. I love them!”

You don’t have to be short on kitchen storage space to make use of these baskets — you can use them in the bathroom, garage, home office and even your bedroom. They can be used as a cart so you can wheel your items from room to room, or you can use them separately to save space in multiple spots; either way, they have the power to make your life easier.

“This wheeled cart has solved ALL my produce problems!” shared a happy shopper. “The bottom basket easily holds 25 lbs of potatoes. In the summertime, the top two tiers will be filled with garden veggies… that usually end up all over my countertops. And it comes with some S hooks in case you want to hang a bunch of bananas from one side.”

This bag is designed with two openings and a loop at one end for easy hanging. You can use it for plastic grocery bags you want to reuse — or anything else that needs corralling in your house.

“I love these bags!” reported one enthusiastic shopper. “Very strong cording & material, excellent sturdiness. And it holds a lot of bags. What I love most is the bottom allows me to pull one out, but isn’t allowing bags to fall to the floor.”

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Not only is the umbrella made for the rain (it’s never too early to prepare for the rainy season!) but it’s also designed to provide shade from the sun and block damaging UV rays.

“Sitting in full sun with temps in the 90’s, I found it to be very comfortable sitting under this umbrella,” wrote a happy shopper. “I am typically bothered by heat and my husband not so much. The first Sunday that I used this umbrella I was cooler than he was using a regular umbrella.”

This dish drying rack is perfect for small kitchens. It saves counter space by using the sink to catch dripping water and it rolls up for easy storage.

“Ooooh, I scored big for Valentine’s Day this year!” wrote a doting husband. “My wife loves it. She likes order in her kitchen, and leaving things on the counter to dry is horrific. This little baby is easy to store and unroll for use, and enables one to keep all dishes/pots/pans over the sink. It can be a good space-saver by allowing you to use the area above your sink. Also works well as a cooling rack. So easy to use, and yet so enabling.”

If you’re traveling at all this summer, having an RFID blocking sleeve is a must-have. Instead of magnetic strips, credit cards now transmit information through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology — it allows you to tap your card on a machine for payment instead of swiping. These sleeves block the transmissions so thieves can’t intercept them when they’re in your wallet and they’re just $7 when you apply the on-page coupon.

“I can rest easy not only when I carry my cards individually but also the card in use remains in the sleeve right up to the point I slide it out for immediate use, then right back into the sleeve,” wrote a savvy traveler. “When I travel sometimes I do carry my wallet when I want to use cash but when I am relying on credit or debit I only carry the card. Again these will be perfect. What it comes down to is if you believe the RFID protection really works and I do. I love the colors of them and they are very well made. They seem like they will be very durable and not tear at all. A very useful product I highly recommend.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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