‘Animal Kingdom’ Series Finale Spoilers: Who Dies in TNT Series Ending


After six seasons, 75 episodes and countless beatdowns, Animal Kingdom comes roaring to a close with Sunday’s series finale. And although regular viewers may think that they’re prepared for the Codys’ last hurrah, executive producer Daniele Nathanson advises them to think again.

The ominously titled “FUBAR,” which the showrunner also wrote, is “explosive… emotional… unpredictable,” she tells RustWire, hastening to remind us that “anything can happen in the Animal Kingdom. If you’ve watched all six seasons of the show, you know that major characters meet with major endings.” (Ellen Barkin’s Smurf and Scott Speedman’s Baz would no doubt agree.)

“These are criminals,” Nathanson adds, “and they have lived by this world, so you can’t say they won’t end by this world.” (Gulp!)

Animal Kingdom Recap Season 5 Episode 11 janine kills maxIn the drama’s penultimate episode (recapped here), Craig and Deran solidified their plans to flee the country once they had sprung big brother Pope from prison. Craig even went so far as to get engaged to babymama Renn. But at the same time, nephew J appeared to be planning to double-cross the lot of ’em and make off with all of their loot.

Obviously, Nathanson won’t say what exactly happens in the series’ sendoff, but she will echo the sentiments of its leading man. “Shawn Hatosy has mentioned this, but I think we’ve given a finale that is worthy of all the fans who have been so devoted to the show,” she remarks, “and that really has been the primary directive.”

The series finale of Animal Kingdom airs on TNT on Sunday, Aug. 28. As it draws ever nearer, who do you predict will survive? Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your theory.