Bachelor Nation alums were ‘rubbed the wrong way’ by Tino Franco’s rant


Serena Pitt
Serena Pitt and Becca Kufrin discuss Tino Franco’s behavior. Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

It’s no secret to the Bachelor viewers who have been watching this season that Rachel Recchia has had her share of hardships and obstacles to overcome.

However, in this past week’s episode, Rachel seems to have finally found her groove and some true happiness.

While Tino Franco thought he had the group date rose already won, hands-down, Rachel instead offered it up to Tyler Norris, who accepted. Tino started spiraling after this as he walked around cursing and shouting.

Seeing him act like this shocked Bachelor Nation, as they had not seen this side of Tino before. Some were stunned to see this behavior out of the front-runner.

Bachelor alums were also somewhat alarmed after seeing Tino go on his rant and talked about it together and with viewers.

His behavior and response to not getting something he thought he had earned rubbed some alums the wrong way as they watched the situation play out, and they are now ready to dish about it.

Becca Kufrin brought up Tino Franco’s behavior after not getting the group date rose

On the most recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour, co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt brought up their thoughts on Tino’s behavior after he did not receive Rachel’s group date rose.

Becca opened up the conversation about how Tino stormed off and had something to say about it.

She revealed, “It was interesting. I feel like the way he approached it and the things he chose to say about how he was processing the situation kind of rubbed me the wrong way.”

Serena Pitt added to what Becca Kufrin said

Serena also piped up and agreed with Becca as she brought up Ethan Kang’s one-liner about Tino, “I agree. Tino, if you’re listening, not to laugh at this, but I totally laughed at Ethan saying ‘Tino’s being a baby back b***h right now.’ I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, a little bit.’”

She added, “I get it, it’s hard, and the week before Hometowns is a really intense week, and the pressures are high.”

Serena also told Becca and listeners that she had a similar experience to Tino where she didn’t get a group date rose that she thought she would get.

She felt it was okay for Tino to walk away to take a few minutes to himself, but she wasn’t okay with what happened afterward and what he said.

After watching Tino’s behavior, Serena indicated on the podcast, “I hope he doesn’t actually mean it in the way it came across, because if he does, he does need to be reminded that it’s not about saying the right things. It’s not about sharing something vulnerable and expecting a reward.”

Becca agreed and added that Tino was entitled to feel how he felt and have emotions about what happened; however, the part that rubbed her, and probably others, the wrong way was how he worded what he said.

For the entire episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and more about Becca and Serena’s reactions to Tino’s behavior, click here.

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