Best-selling string lights for less than $15


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Make your patio a place of true relaxation with these string lights. (Source: iStock)

Make your patio a place of true relaxation with these string lights. (Source: iStock)

Ready for fall? Now is the perfect time to get your porch or patio ready for friends and family to come and enjoy some time together. If you’ve already got the perfect furniture and grill to make the cookouts comfortable and delicious, then you just need to add ambiance. We have a solution to take your patio from drab to fab — outdoor string lights. And get this, they’re under $20.

Illuminate your summer: Reliable, quality string-lights

Invest in these charming string lights, and make yours BBQs just a little bit brighter. Source: Amazon

Invest in these charming string lights, and make your BBQs just a little bit brighter. (Source: Amazon)

$16.98 $19.99 at Amazon

There is a certain, undeniable ambiance to outdoor string lights that can’t be replicated. It sets the mood for an evening and is especially notable when those string lights feature Edison-style light bulbs. This 25 ft string light fixture makes summer feel like it will never end. With an up to 15% discount, this set of string lights makes for an awesome and affordable outdoor lighting option.

Featuring 27 Edison light bulbs on the whole fixture, this set comes in five different color variations, including black, green, white and multicolor options. If 25 feet doesn’t feel like enough light coverage, there are also 50-foot and 100-foot outdoor string light sets available through Amazon. Right now, the black 25-foot set is ready to light up your patio for under $20.

While they may be marketed mostly for outdoor patio use, string lights are versatile and can work for any part of a house, be they indoors or outdoors. But in particular, if you’ve got an outdoor space you’d like to make a little more special, some outdoor string lights are your best option. Not much can match the feeling of a long summer night with friends having a bonfire under some outdoor string lights (except maybe the feeling of saving money).

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