‘Big Brother’ Recap: [Spoiler] Evicted on Season 24, Bestie Twist Ends


Big Brother 24‘s Daniel might not know the exact name of the Leftovers alliance, but he has correctly identified all seven houseguests that are in it. And yet, that information has barely helped him as he’s tried to wrangle enough votes to stay this week — a strategy that, bafflingly, involved talking about The Leftovers directly to one of its members, Joseph. OK, then!

Let’s break down the events of Thursday’s eviction episode:

THE STRATEGY | Following the veto meeting, Daniel is confident — as he should be, admittedly — that he’s sussed out the seven members of the house’s main alliance, which he now believes includes Kyle. To that end, in order to secure the five votes he needs to survive eviction night, Daniel’s main approach is to plant seeds of doubt in Alyssa’s mind about her relationship with Kyle, which he successfully does by revealing that Kyle wasn’t necessarily going to use last week’s Power of Veto to remove Alyssa from the block.

Just like that, Alyssa is rattled — and Kyle has become wary of Alyssa, too, after she joined Terrance and Jasmine’s “sloppy” plan to keep Monte nominated earlier this week. All told, Kyle suggests to Alyssa that they get a little distance for the rest of the week, and Alyssa admits in the Diary Room that she’s “exhausted” by their rollercoaster of a relationship. Girl, same.

Meanwhile, despite suspecting that Joseph is a part of the secret alliance, Daniel still attempts to get his vote by reiterating how big of a threat Michael is, while Terrance and Jasmine astutely note how much time Taylor, Monte, Michael and Brittany all spend together. Joseph is understandably surprised that all of this intel is being spilled right in front of him — don’t these people realize that Joseph’s aligned with Michael and the rest? — but he’s encouraged by the small amount of trust that Daniel seems to have in him, and he even considers throwing Daniel a vote to keep himself in good standing with the non-Leftovers.

THE EVICTION | But Daniel’s commendable efforts to save himself don’t matter much in the end: He’s evicted in an 8-1 vote, with Terrance serving as his only support. Ahead of the vote, Daniel stands up and gives a provocative speech urging his fellow houseguests to evict him, adding that they’re all “bozos” and the season will be boring once he leaves. I’m sure Will Kirby appreciates the homage here, but there can only be one “I hate you all” speech, and Daniel’s isn’t it.

And Daniel’s housemates don’t seem particularly sad to watch him go. In fact, in his post-game interview, he’s on the receiving end of some of the most savage goodbye messages in recent memory, which he says he appreciates, but… ouch. It’s never fun to be the center of an “idiot sandwich.”

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION | This week’s Head of Household competition is The Wall, a Big Brother staple in which players must cling to a flat, constantly tilting backdrop until only one of them is left standing. By the time credits roll on the episode, Jasmine has fallen from her post, and Brittany looks mighty shaky.

Plus, Julie Chen Moonves lets the houseguests know that the Festie Besties twist is officially over, and they’ll all resume playing as individuals from here on out. They’ve also made it to jury! But! Unbeknownst to the houseguests, another twist is in store for next Thursday, which will involve dividing the house into two completely separate — but simultaneously played — games of Big Brother for the entire week, culminating in a double eviction on Aug. 25.

OK, your turn! Were you pleased to see Daniel get the boot? And who do you want to see as the next Head of Household? Tell us below!