Cindy Kimberly celebrates birthday with athlete boyfriend Dele Alli

Cindy Kimberly aka Wolfie Cindy shares more birthday pictures following her trip to Paris with friends and family. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram
Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, shares more birthday pictures following her trip to Paris with friends and family. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly struck a few poses in braless ensembles to the delight of her fans and followers.

Cindy celebrated her 24th birthday in Paris last week, but the gorgeous model had more photos up her sleeve from her special day, including her latest share.

The model and social media star has been posting some shots and videos from her trip on her Instagram account, where she has amassed 7 million followers since Justin Bieber’s IG post in 2015.

Cindy went to the City of Light with friends and her boyfriend, Dele Alli, serving looks in fabulous outfits, including a white braless shirt and a black braless one-piece.

Although Cindy’s boyfriend wasn’t visible in the latest carousel, previous shares featured the athlete, who may have been the photographer in many of the shots.

Cindy’s IG carousel had photos for everyone with food and drinks also on the social media share menu. For Cindy’s efforts, she received 265k likes and numerous comments.

Cindy Kimberly stuns in Paris for birthday fun

Cindy’s first photo showed the model outdoors at a swanky Parisian cafe. She wore a short-sleeve white shirt and a fuzzy bucket hat, looking into the sky and placing her hands underneath her head. In front of Cindy, a white candle was ablaze, adding ambient lighting to the stunning share.

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A swipe right showed more of Cindy’s outfit as she looked toward the street with a beautifully made-up face. Her shirt read, “100% getting lucky,” and featured a cropped top.

The third photo showed a close look at the French delicacy that Cindy had the pleasure of enjoying. Cindy’s bowl appeared full of decadent risotto with truffle shavings completing the tasty dish.

Another shot showed a group of espresso martinis in festive cheers with one mug of tea.

Next, Cindy arched her back in a black bodysuit with a tiny black patent leather bag.

Cindy was pretty in pink in another photo, with a pink and white sweater and ribbon in her hair, carrying a fuzzy Chanel backpack.

Finally, Cindy and her friends posed in Hotel De Ville in Paris in front of the Christmas tree.

Cindy has come a long way since Justin first shared a photo of her on his Instagram and asked fans to identify her beautiful face. She has since developed a thriving career in the fashion and beauty industry.

Cindy Kimberly represents REVOLVE

One of the first brands to snag Cindy as their famous face was REVOLVE.

REVOLVE has been an industry disruptor, offering hard-to-find designer labels with various choices for fashionistas. Cindy has also been an industry disruptor of sorts, so the partnership made perfect sense.

Cindy has continued attending Revolve events and represented the brand at the 2022 New York Fashion Week.

At just 24 years old, Cindy has her whole career ahead of her, which likely includes more fashion brand deals.