Deal alert! Sneakerheads are raving about this cleaning kit that’s under $20


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Freshen up your sneakers with a water-based cleaner and hog hair brush. (Source: Amazon)

Freshen up your sneakers with the water-based cleaner and hog hair brush. (Source: Amazon)

For sneakerheads, good-quality shoes are a must. As people who constantly buy and sell the newest kicks and establish their style mainly through shoes, sneakerheads are always searching for ways to keep their footwear looking ready for the market.

But when rainy days and nights out on the town come around, it’s easy for your favorite white sneakers to become unrecognizable. Letting the scuffs and dirt settle doesn’t have to be inevitable, though.

Check out Amazon’s latest deal that might just salvage your favorite shoe and fulfill a sneakerhead’s wildest dreams. With this find, you’ll be catching everyone’s eye, and you’ll love your sneakers like they were brand new.

Love your shoes again with Gold Standard's all-in-one sneaker cleaner kit. (Source: Amazon)

Love your shoes again with Gold Standard’s all-in-one sneaker cleaner kit. (Source: Amazon)

$16.45 $17.89 at Amazon

For only $17, Gold Standard’s natural sneaker cleaner will have your shoes, even after months of wear and tear, looking straight out of the box new.

This all-in-one cleaning kit comes with a water-based solution, free of any chemicals that may harm your shoes. The included hair brush breaks down stains on any surface, like they were never even there. Just add water and a generous amount of their premium solution to the brush, and watch the scum disappear. It’s as simple as that! And thanks to the all-natural ingredients in this solution, reviewers say it will leave your sneakers smelling fresh.

One Amazon customer shared his experience with the Gold Standard’s Shoe Cleaning Kit: “I loved these shoes when I bought them, but was quickly reminded why I don’t by shoes with light colored soles… they were trashed after a couple times wearing them. They were so bad, I thought I’d have to throw them out. However, this product went above and beyond and returned them to looking brand new again. I used this same product on some white lacoste shoes and it worked just as well. It only took me ten minutes to do both pairs. Love it, would definitely buy again.”

Take it from this satisfied customer and hundreds of others, give your white sneakers a new life. Show your sneakers the love they deserve with the cleaner that over 64% of shoppers are raving about. Keep your kicks looking fresh and marketable. Be sure to stock up on this deal before it goes away. Your shoes will thank you later.

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