Demi Lovato stuns in fishnet stockings and latex bodysuit


Demi Lovato at an X Factor event.
Demi Lovato stunned in fishnet stockings and a latex bodysuit while continuing to promote her new album. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato got her cover shoot groove on as she stunned in a revealing ensemble not long after sharing that she has gone back to using she/her pronouns.

Posing for the cover of Galore magazine, Demi rocked large-holed fishnet stockings and a latex bodysuit that started at her hips and covered her entire front to culminate behind her in two latex wings.

A choker of black material circled her neck, traveling down her throat to meet up with the bust of her leotard-like bodice, some metallic links adorning the material for added effect.

Demi was all legs for the incredible new look as she continued to promote her newest album Holy Fvck, her second in just over a year following the release of her powerful Dancing With the Devil…The Art of Starting Over anthology.

The singer and former Disney actress, who just turned 30 this month, looked regal as she stuck one netted leg outwards to show off her toned physique while rocking the figure-hugging bodysuit.

A dramatic cape, complete with the sweeping arcs of wing-like attachments, adorned her backside, appearing to fall to the floor behind her.

Rows of chains went from her hands down to her heeled feet before going out of view of the camera.

Demi Lovato discusses her 8th studio album

Speaking with Galore for her feature interview, Demi got candid about her latest album and what it means to her.

“I blame social media for a lot of it,” Demi said when asked to elaborate on her second title track, Substance, and if it had anything to do with the influence of social media on feelings of lack of connection with people.

“But at the same time, it does connect people. We use social media as a distraction from our lives, but we do the same with things like drugs or alcohol. We have to ask ourselves – are we really living in the present and do we have meaningful connections with others?”

Demi revealed that she herself finds it hard to completely cut out social media vices, choosing instead to take mini-breaks where she only checks in a couple of times a day versus going cold turkey.

The singer went into further detail about her album as she continued to talk about what influenced her and her time collaborating with Yungblud.

Demi Lovato shares her thoughts about her musical past and collaborating with Yungblud

While sitting down for her interview, Demi told the magazine that she is excited about gearing up for her Holy Fvck tour, which began this month and goes through November.

Talking about what influenced her most in her past regarding musical genres, Demi shared that it wasn’t until she was able to choose her own music to buy and listen to that she really found her calling.

“…there was a moment in my life when I became old enough to choose the music I wanted to listen to and that’s when I started branching out of pop music and listening to the bands that were in the emo scene,” she said.

Demi added that working with musical talent Yungblud was a blast, calling the singer “rad” while adding that he “brought so much energy and light” into the studio for their time together.