Elizabeth Potthast says her family’s ‘true colors’ are showing amid her growing success


90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast says things are not okay with her family amid her budding success.
Tensions are brewing with Elizabeth Potthast and her family. Pic credit: @elizabethpotthast/Instagram

Elizabeth Potthast threw major shade at her family during a recent interview where she opened up about the state of their relationship.

Things are rocky between the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star and her family, who we’ve seen on the show with her for years. As for why things are not going well, Elizabeth thinks that her growing success is the real cause of the issues.

We’ll see how that plays out as Season 7 continues, but in a sneak peek for the latest episode, we saw tensions building as Elizabeth revealed her intent to forge a new career path.

The revelation surprised everyone, including Elizabeth’s dad Chuck Potthast since he’ll have to find someone else to fill the role she held in his company. 

Elizabeth’s sisters were not very supportive when she shared the news with them either. 

The 32-year-old had her family and friends over to show off her new home, and they were stunned when she expressed her desire to pursue a singing career.

Their lack of support might very well be the cause of the ongoing tensions which Elizabeth and her husband Andrei Castravet talked about during a recent interview.

Elizabeth Potthast is seeing her family’s true colors

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? couple had a recent chat with Us Weekly after the new season kicked off.

There’s always drama with Elizabeth’s family, and we can expect even more as the expectant mom revealed she’s estranged from certain family members.

Elizabeth hinted that jealousy is at the root of the family drama as she admitted things are “not so great.”

“It seems like the more you get on and the more successful you become, you really see people’s true colors that are surrounding you, let’s just say that,” said Elizabeth, who confessed that realization was a hard pill to swallow.

“It hurts her,” chimed in Andrei, as Elizabeth noted her husband’s Moldovian family is more “cutthroat” in dealing with their issues.

“In America, I feel like we’re very forgiving,” reasoned Elizabeth.

90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast and her family are not good

It seems Elizabeth has grown tired of that forgiving nature, and now she’s reached the end of her rope.

“Let’s just say I’m getting older. I’m more mature,” explained Elizabeth about her change in perspective regarding her family.

“I have my own family and I see things through a different lens now than I used to when I was younger. And so I’m learning more about my family and who’s around me and I just see it differently,” she added.

“I opened her eyes more,” added Andrei. “She knew that there was something, but I did more for you so you can understand [where] the negative comes from.”

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