‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 Spoilers — Russia, Mars


Warning: The following contains spoilers for For All Mankind‘s Season 3 finale. Proceed at your own risk!

Sorry, Jupiter, your time has not yet come. Looking ahead at Season 4, For All Mankind showrunners Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert tell RustWire that the Apple TV+ drama will continue to focus on the Red Planet.

In the Season 3 finale, the NASA, Helios and Russian astronauts opted to stay on the ground on Mars, thereby decreasing the load on pregnant Kelly’s spacecraft so she could get to the Polaris ship to give birth. The decision meant her fellow astronauts would be stuck on Mars for another 18 months before Sojourner 2 would arrive to pick them up.

But even if Ed, Dani & Co. are no longer on the planet when Season 4 picks up in the 2000s, “I think we’re still not done with Mars yet, to be honest,” Nedivi says. “We just started exploring what is possible on Mars this season, and we didn’t even get there till halfway through this season. So we do intend on kind of building on Mars and seeing a growing colony up there and what is possible up there.”

Season 4 will also explore another territory, this one back on Earth, after the finale’s surprise reveal that Margo Madison is living in Russia in 2003. Wolpert confirms that NASA’s former director — who was facing an FBI investigation for leaking information to the Russian space program — left the Johnson Space Center before it was bombed by Jimmy’s conspiracy theorist buddies. She was then, presumably, transported to her new home for protection by the very people who had blackmailed her.

For All Mankind Season 4

“One of the new frontiers of Season 4 is Russia and taking a peek beyond the Iron Curtain in a way that I don’t think we’ve been able to so far on the show,” Nedivi previews. “We were very excited about being able to tell that story a little bit through Margo.”

As for whether Margo’s colleagues and friends back in America assume that she died in the JSC explosion that also killed Karen Baldwin and Molly Cobb (get more scoop on those casualties here), “that’s something that we’ll just have to wait and see in Season 4,” Wolpert teases.