Fort Worth man gets 45 years for killing girlfriend in 2020 after stalking her for months


A Tarrant County jury sentenced a Fort Worth man to 45 years in prison on Friday for killing his girlfriend in September 2020 after he told her that if he could not have her, no one could.

Just months before the fatal shooting, 38-year-old Jacob Johnson pushed 31-year-old Castatanika Guy who was pregnant down to the ground. She had a miscarriage after the incident, according to Tarrant County criminal court documents.

The jury convicted Johnson of murder and sentenced him to 45 years.

Jurors also sentenced the Fort Worth man to 17 years for a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shooting and wounding a 27-year-old man who was with Guy on the morning of Sept. 10, 2020.

On that morning, Guy, 31, and two men were driving west on I-20 near the South Hulen Street exit when she began to think her boyfriend was following them, Fort Worth police have said. A short time later, about 2:30 a.m., an assailant opened fire. That assailant was later identified as Jacob Johnson of Fort Worth.

In 2020, Johnson stalked and followed Guy for months, according to court records.

On or about March 14, 2020, the Fort Worth man intentionally ran into the back of Guy’s car. A few months later, he smashed all of the windows out of Guy’s car.

On Sept. 8, 2020, Johnson took Guy to a park in Dallas County and pointed a gun at her head

The Fort Worth man shot her in the neck, killing her on the morning of Sept. 10, 2020, according to ruling by officials at the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.