Huisache Tree Vs Mesquite

The huisache tree (Prosopis chilensis) is a large, native Texas tree that can grow up to 100 feet tall. The mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) is a invasive tree that can grow up to 50 feet tall. The two trees have many similarities, but there are also some key differences. For example, the huisache tree is a slower-growing tree that can take many years to reach its full height, while the mesquite can grow much faster and can reach a height of up to 100 feet in just a few years.

Huisache & Mesquite removal – Dougherty Turbo Saw in action.


The two trees of the Texas plains
The huisache tree: a thorny, but beautiful native
The mesquite tree: a hardy and useful drought

The huisache tree (Acacia farnesiana) is a thorny but beautiful native of the Texas plains. It grows up to 25 feet tall and has leathery, green leaves that are lobed or divided into five or seven leaflets. The flowers are small, white, and green and are pollinated by bees. The fruit is a blackberry-like drupe.

The mesquite tree (Prosopis juliflora) is a hardy and useful drought-tolerant tree. It grows up to 50 feet tall and has long, slender, grey-green leaves that are serrated. The flowers are yellow and are pollinated by bees. The fruit is a pod containing a kind of bean.

tolerant tree
Which tree is better for the Texas landscape?
The benefits and drawbacks of each tree

huisache tree vs mesquite

Huisache (Acacia confusa) is a tree native to Texas that is increasingly becoming popular for its tolerance of drought and extreme temperatures. Mesquite (Prosopis alleghaniensis) is a native tree to the Southwest US and is considered a landscape tree due to its height, width and leaf texture.

Huisache is tolerant of drought and can survive in a wide range of soil types, while mesquite is better suited to wetter climates and can tolerate higher levels of drought. Huisache is slower to grow than mesquite and requires more water, but the tree is shorter and easier to prune. Mesquite is a hardy tree that can survive in a variety of climates, but does not flower or produce fruit.

The major benefits of huisache tree are its tolerance of drought and its fast growth rate. Huisache is a popular tree for use in low-maintenance landscaping, while mesquite is better suited for more traditional landscaping. The major drawback of huisache is its susceptibility to weed growth, while mesquite is less prone to weed growth.

Overall, huisache is a good choice for Texas landscapes due to its tolerance of drought and its fast growth rate. Mesquite is a better choice for climates that are wetter and cooler, and may be more suitable for traditional landscaping.


The huisache tree is a great choice for a tree in a desert climate because it is salt tolerant. The mesquite tree is not as salt tolerant, so it may not be a good tree for a desert climate.