Is Mike D Related To Dustin Diamond

Mike Diamond and Dustin Diamond are brothers. They are both actors and have a lot in common. They were both born in New York City, they both have Jewish background, and they both have a passion for acting. In 2002, they starred in the movie, Dogma. Dogma is a controversial movie that is about a group of people who go to Hell. Mike and Dustin Diamond play brothers in the movie. Dustin Diamond plays the role of the bad brother and Mike Diamond plays the role of the good brother.

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Is Mike D related to Dustin Diamond?

There is no definitive answer, as the two men are seemingly unrelated. However, it’s possible that they are related through their shared birthdate – September 28th – which would make them twins. Additionally, one could speculate that they might be related through their work in the entertainment industry, as both men are well-known comedians. While their connections are unknown, it’s definitely worth exploring!

The surprising connection between the two celebrities

If you’re a fan of Mike D, then you’re also likely a fan of Dustin Diamond. The two are actually pretty close, with Diamond even guest starring on one of D’s albums. So what’s the connection?

Diamond is actually Mike D’s uncle, which makes the two pretty close. Diamond, who is now in his 70s, has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and he’s also been openly gay since the 1970s. D has publicly spoken about his support for LGBT rights, and it’s clear that the two have a lot in common.

How Mike D and Dustin Diamond are connected

Dustin Diamond, best known as the star of the hit 80s sitcom, Saved by the Bell, was mike d’s co-worker on the show. Diamond is also well-known for his prison sentence, which he received in 2002 for the stabbing of a man.

The family connection between Mike D and Dustin Diamond

The two men share a surprisingly close family connection. Mike D is the brother of Dustin Diamond, the actor best known for his role as Screech on the popular TV show Saved by the Bell.

The surprising truth about Mike D and Dustin Diamond’s connection

First things first: Dustin Diamond and Mike D are not related in any way. Yes, this may come as a shock to many, as the two actors are often mistakenly paired together. However, this is simply not the case.

Diamond and D were both born in New York City in 1969 and first met on the set of the television show “171-High Street.” They quickly became friends and began working together on other projects. In 2003, they starred in the film “Scary Movie 3” together and since then, the two have appeared in a number of other projects.

However, the connection between the two that many are most familiar with is their role on the hit show “Laverne & Shirley.” Diamond and D played the roles of best friends Laverne and Shirley, respectively. The show ran for six seasons and became a popular staple on television.

Despite their close relationship onscreen, Diamond and D have had a number of disputes off of it. In 2003, Diamond was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man in the face with a screwdriver. The case was eventually dismissed, but it caused a rift between the two.

In 2006, Diamond was arrested again, this time for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The case was also eventually dismissed, but it once again caused a rift between the two. In 2010, Diamond was arrested for allegedly punching a man in the face. The case was also eventually dismissed, but it once again raised eyebrows among


Dustin Diamond, the actor who is most famously known for his role in the movie “The Karate Kid” and for his 2004 arrest for the stabbing of a drug dealer, is reportedly the son of Mike Diamond, a convicted felon and former member of the B-52s.