Jennifer Lopez shares cheeky snap for Booty Balm promo


Jennifer Lopez close up
Jennifer Lopez shared a cheekry snap of herself in a thong for Booty Balm promo. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez is known for her famous booty and apparently wants to help other women achieve the same look with her J Lo Beauty Booty Balm.

The Booty singer shared a cheeky snap of herself in a long-sleeved black bodysuit with a turtleneck at the top yet a lot more flesh-baring at the bottom. J. Lo. showed off her butt in a thong to plug her new product, a cellulite fighting cream.

Her butt looked completely toned and enviable, which should definitely help her sales. She showed off her famous derriere in a beauty chat advertisement for Sephora that would take place between her and influencer Carla Cassandra.

Jen wore her hair in a romantic-looking chignon with strands hanging down that gave the appearance of just throwing it up without effort.

She kept her makeup fairly natural, with a bit of dark eyeliner and nude lipstick that gave her a slightly bronzed look.

In July, the triple threat singer, actress, and dancer launched her JLo Body by JLo Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm, and it retails for a cool $65. So, you can have Jennifer’s butt, but it will definitely cost you.

Jenniferl Lopez shows her booty in a black one-piece suit with a thong
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez created Booty Balm after watching her mother struggle with cellulite

The website claims that the booty balm is a “formula inspired by the most iconic booty,” and it “visibly firms and hydrates skin and fades the appearance of stretch marks for a smoother, more refined-looking booty.”

As for how she came up with the product, Jennifer told People that it’s very personal to her as she grew up watching her mother struggle with cellulite and feeling frustrated that she couldn’t find a solution.

She told People, “I remember her wishing that there was some magic formula that was just going to make it disappear. And the truth is, we know that doesn’t exist.”

So, while she is at least honest about the fact that literally, no cream could ever erase cellulite, she did say it will give noticeable results. She told the publication, “We’re not just taking a random cream and slapping my name on it. It works.”

It’s not just cream but a good workout that keeps Jennifer Lopez’s butt looking so good

While it would be nice if Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Balm was all we needed to keep a firm, sculpted butt just like she has, the real work comes in the gym.

Jennifer celebrity personal trainer Jay Cardiello gave Women’s Health a few of her go-to moves at the gym, however, his most important tip was to give it your all.

He told the publication, “I ask all my clients to give their workouts everything they can. Let’s face it, everyone experiences times where they don’t feel like working out, but when you enter the gym, you give it your all.”